Joy Through Faith – Jessica Hurtado

Joy Through Faith

Joy Through Faith 

“Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy…”  1 Peter 1:8 NIV


The word “‘though’” represents a stance despite circumstances. Peter is outlining for us that we are clearly not moved by sight (our circumstance), but by faith. Even though we do not or have not physically seen Jesus, we love Him, we believe in Him, and because of our faith and love toward Him, we have an illogical joy that is a direct result of our faith. 

There are many things that cannot be seen, yet we believe in their existence. Have you ever physically seen one hundred million dollars in person? Maybe not, yet its existence is still real. Have you ever physically seen air? No, yet its existence does not change. Why? Although you cannot physically see these things, the effects they have on your daily living are very real. Millions of dollars are interchanged in the business world every day for us to have and enjoy the commodities that are accessible in our lives (food, water, electricity, gasoline, shelter, transportation, etc.). The millions of dollars exchanged may not be physically seen by us, but the interchange is taking place just the same. The air cannot be seen, but its effects can be felt. You can see the wind blowing the leaves on trees, you can feel the wind touching your skin or moving your hair, yet you cannot see it. This is the case with the trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). 

You may not have ever seen the Father, the Son or the Holy Spirit, but you feel their presence, you experience their promptings. You witness their favor and grace over your life. Although they might not physically be seen, their effects can be seen and felt in our lives and the lives of those around us.  

In our focus scripture, Peter is talking about the inexplicable joy that cannot be reasoned through our logic but can be felt because of our faith in Jesus. The inexplicable joy found in believers cannot be physically seen (as in you cannot go to the store and buy a jar of joy), but the effects can be seen and felt by us and those around us.  

Do you have joy inexplicable? Do others see the affects the love of Jesus has on your life? Does your faith cause others to experience things that cannot be physically seen or logically explained but can be felt? I want to encourage you today to be the radiant joy that is desperately needed in our world today. Find yourself in trust unshakable bound by the joy produced through your faith in Christ Jesus.  

Then Jesus told him, “You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.” (John 20:29) 

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, thank you for giving me access to inexplicable joy that can be found through my belief in you. Although I may not always see you, I can always feel your presence in my life. I can always feel your love, favor, and your gentle correction in my life. I praise your Holy name. Amen!  


Day 19 Activation 

Recall a time in your life when you experienced the presence of God. Perhaps at the time you did not recognize it as such, but as you reflect on that moment now, describe your experience and how you know it was the beloved presence of God. 

How did this moment make you realize that, although you cannot see him, you can feel and see God’s effects in your life?  

How has that encounter changed your life or the way you view the world around you? 


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