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Ready to go Deeper?

Unearth new insights. Gain new levels or revelation. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you along this journey of discovering the precious treasures only found through deeper reflection. Be empowered and live out the Word everyday.

“Intelligent. Intuitive. Inspired. That is the heart behind these refreshingly bold daily devotions that will challenge your understanding of scripture and take you deeper into a relationship with God…”

~Mikal White, Co-Lead Pastor of Lift Church in Anchorage, Alaska


“I found it hard to put this book down…I felt as though I was having a face to face conversation with a friend over coffee…”

~Laurie Rodgers, Children’s Ministry Director


“This devotional is truly a work of the holy spirit. It encourages, edifies, and admonishes the body of Christ to rise up and be the people God has called us to be…”

~Jamie Holguin, Marriage Ministry Facilitator, Women’s Small Group Ministry Facilitator


“She takes verses and brings them to life. She challenges the reader to consider their level of obedience to the Lord…”

~Lawanda Martinez, Speaker, Board Member of LifeBuilder Seminar for Woman, Blogger

What People are Saying About Discovering Hidden Treasure

Each of these devotions are so clearly led by the Spirit in the way that they are constructed. Jessica’s writing style is eloquent and easy to comprehend. Her writings have been such a blessing to our church body, and will be to you as well!

Thad White
Lead Pastor of Lift Church in Anchorage, Alaska

Knowledge is everything. When we take the scriptures and capture their truths, we then can walk in freedom.

Malissa Joy
Bible Teacher, Women’s Leader

This devotional is perfect for new believers and those who have begun to effectively sow deeper roots in the Word. Even if they feel alone in their circumstance, these devotionals reveal, through God’s Word that the Lord will NEVER leave them or forsake them!

Lenore Hernandez
Youth Facilitator/Leader, Healing Room Ministry

This devotional spoke directly to my heart! In several writings, I was dealing with the exact struggles in my life that the author wrote about. Her insight helped me focus back on Jesus and His love for me. In the devotion titled, “It’s a Process”, Jessica wrote, “We don’t have to “try really hard” to think new thoughts and change our attitudes in our own ability.” She continues to direct the reader to the Holy Spirit, who loves us and is waiting for us to allow Him to transform our minds.

Beth Scholz
Healing Room Ministry, SOZO Ministry, Prayer Tower Ministry, Altar Prayer Ministry, and Sister Soak -Seeking Our Amazing King

Discovering Hidden Treasure: In Plain Sight, expresses a deeper perspective than the average collection of devotionals. Jessica Hurtado not only has a thought-provoking, Biblical topic to address, but she takes us on a walk through the Word to give us a broader view of the Truth she has pulled from the Bible. It is clear that she not only has a great understanding of the topical Scripture, but has taken the time to search the Word for a deeper Revelation. This book gives the reader MORE in a short time! Jessica also challenges me to follow her example to dig deeper into Scripture for myself! You will love these bite-sized, power-packed devotionals!

Pastor Lystra A. Wilson
Inspirational Author, Speaker, and Life Transformation Mentor, Founder/CEO of Women Inspire Women, Inc.

Jessica’s book is so practical! If you struggle with reading and understanding the word, like I do, then this is for you. Jessica not only gives you biblical references as she’s sharing what the Lord is showing her, but also gives recommended scriptures for further insight. It gives me a reason to go and open my Bible! I appreciate her break down of scripture in each reading because it makes it so easy to understand. I recommend this book to anyone who is wanting to dive deeper into God’s word. This book will take you on a personal journey to get to know the Lord more intimately.

Denise Garcia
Marathoner, Small Group Bible Study Leader, Servant of the Lord

This is not your typical devotional. Jessica Hurtado brings out topics relevant for today’s Christians who are seeking a deeper relationship with the Father. With scriptural backing this book is an invitation for Christians everywhere to take their walk with God to the next level in every area of their lives.

Str8talkwithStacy Wiesman

This is SO beautiful. I think that you put a fresh word on each scripture, topic chosen by the Holy Spirt. The layout is easy. The prayers at the end are pointed for that particular topic you are discussing. It is easy to understand for those that have been studying for a while and for the ones just starting to study or read the bible. It reaches many diverse groups.

Dr. Precious Taylor